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Beyonce Knowles Has Abandoned Her Dog

Staff at Columbia Records are not happy because it is not the Pooch potty trained and have been taking turns to walk and care for the dog on weekends.. Beyonce Knowle left his dog munchie labels to his office last summer and never bothered to go back and munchie up.
19.1.09 10:41

Rah Paula Abduls Cheerleading Bowl

This morning, the team, along with a special appearance by Manolo Morales, made a couple of their winning routine in one of the UH on the school gyms Lower Campus.. L University of Hawaii cheer squad led by head coach Mike Baker, won for the first time RAH! Cheerleading Paula Abdul Bowl, which at the beginning of this month aired on MTV.
19.1.09 10:41

Confidence In Obama Is High Bush Says Goodbye

Good morning. Even last night, the family moved to Obama Blair House - the official guest residence across the street from the White House.. President-elect Barack Obama travel to Bedford Heights, Ohio, today to speak to his plan for the economy a jump-start.Last night, President George W Bush said goodbye to the American public.
19.1.09 10:41

Team Obama Quot Injury List

But he ll have to start his new agreement without a secretary of the Treasury. For example: Sir, how can urge the Americans to do right by the Internal Revenue Service wants to control, because it didn t pay more than $ 34,000 in payroll taxes, a few years ago?. Tuesday Barack Obama in office with a mandate to improve the economy. Its candidate, Timothy Geithner, has yet to be examined by a Senate of the United States that needs to ask hard questions.
19.1.09 10:41

Brad Pitt And Kate Winslet Lead Bafta Nominations List

Meanwhile Hollywood leading Brad Pitt mature and Angelina Jolie have been nominated in the protagonist and protagonist categories respectively. Brad is also against late Heath Ledger in the Best Actor category for his role in the Coen Brothers Burn After Reading..
19.1.09 10:41


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